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About This Site

Edubites primarily targets students ranging from high-school grades and college level (both home-schooled and public-schooled,)parent(s)/educators and even adults.  Content will be in the form of short vignettes and articles (small “bites”) covering areas such as history, literature and philosophy.  It is my hope that articles will be concise yet exhaustive enough to stimulate discussion with parent(s) and educators, pique general interest, further overall learning and perhaps lead students and adults to investigate subjects more in depth on their own.  Also, I will try to post various assignment and study ideas at the bottom of each article.

Although I’m not an advocate against public education, this site may prove to be more useful to home-school students simply because these students may have more flexibility in terms of their time and their curriculum than their public-school counterparts. Likewise, home-school parent(s)/educators may have more flexibility in choosing what their student will learn and are more likely to use outside, extracurricular sources for their student children.  Thus, this site.

Hopefully, the information available here will provide variety for students, parent(s) and adults of all types to further their goals of  a “well-rounded” education and a full body of learning.  So have a look around; hopefully you will find useful learning opportunities for your student. Thank you so much for visiting edubites!

A Note About Sources:  I will make every effort to use reliable sources with MLA-style parenthetical citations and bibliographies.  As many websites come and go daily, internet citations and bibliographies can be a bit tricky.  But I will do my best with the information available.

A Note About Wikipedia:  Although Wikipedia can generally be considered reliable and lists extensive bibliographies, please remember that Wikipedia can be edited by ANYONE at ANYTIME.  See About Wikipedia.

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